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All God's Children Pre-K 
At Bastrop Church Of Christ

Welcome to All God's
Children Pre-K Website

Hello, This Website is a work in progress.  I started creating  this website in May and hope to finish by the end of  the summer. The Monthly theme links, Pre-K Schedule and more are below. Thank you :)

Our Pre-K Schedule

          8:25- Good Morning :)
          8:25-8:45-Table Games and Arrival
          8:45-9:15-Alphabet Art & Writing
          9:15-9:30-Circle Time
          9:30-10:15-Outside Time
          10:15-10:45-Bible Story/Snack
          10:45-12:15-Art/Learning Centers
          1:00-1:15- Music time/ Early Math
          1:15-1:30-Story time/Pocket chart
          1:30-1:45-Sightword Activity
          1:45-2:00-Short Outside Time
          2:20-2:25-Pick up Time
Our schedule does not include a nap time.

Our Yearly Pre-K Themes:

          Back to School & more

          Fall Discovery & Farm

          The First Thanksgiving
          Christmas & Gingerbread

          Valentine's Day & Helpers

          Peter Rabbit & Easter


          Ocean & Beach

Our Pre-K Circle Time

Good Morning
Our Helpers
The Calendar
The Days of the Week
The Months of the Year
The Seasons
The Letter of the Week
The Weather
The Shape
The Color
The Number
The Pledge of Allegiance

Our Pre-K Learning Centers:

My Classroom includes the 12 

Following Learning Centers:

block center

dramatic play center 

science center

math center

writing center

alphabet center

library center

pocketchart center

flannelboard center  

art center 

sensory center 


All of the learning centers are centered around the theme or themes for the month. Each center has a learning activity. Learning Centers are scheduled in the morning time after other scheduled activities including CircleTime.

Back to School & more